Friday, 10 May 2013

Lilac Quilt

Once we had the colours sorted we needed to decide on a block pattern for the quilts. The twin beds were each going to need a quilt. So it was going to be double the trouble but twice as nice!We decided to go for an orange peel or pumpkin seed pattern. It had a nice retro feel to it. I'd used the pattern several years ago to make a leaving present quilt for the children's school secretary and each 'peel' had been basted and hand appliquéd. It was gorgeous but there had to be a quicker way.

'Shelby' quilt pattern by Lulu from For the Love Designs

I'd seen some fresher versions of the orange peel pattern popping up on pinterest. I decided to try a raw edge appliqué technique beautifully presented by Lulu from For the Love Designs. She calls her patterns by children's names and I bought an instant download PDF of this Shelby pattern. Lulu made a baby quilt version by drawing a grid on the white fabric. A neat idea but I wanted the 'cathedral window' look you get from the pieced squares. So in the end I adapted the pattern to get the look I wanted.

4 white squares sewn together and 4 'petals' pinned ready to applique'
Rosie and I chose lots of different purples and whites to make up the blocks. Four 5 1/2 inch squares together made up the larger circle block that will measure 10 inches square at the finish

But if you look at the seam where the circles join, they look like the 4 petals that make up the many little blossoms on a lilac flower. Perfect!

Source: via Martha on Pinterest

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