Saturday, 11 May 2013

Raw Edge Applique

Raw edge appliqué on the Juki HZL Exceed 600 
 Here's a quick raw edge appliqué tutorial. I began by preparing the fabric.

Vilene to stabilize the fabric

I ironed a thin fine Vilene to the back of the purple fabrics to give stability and support.

it only needs 8 seconds to stick

trace the template on the vilene - the back of the fabric
 I used a ball point pen to trace the template.

tracing the template
I used the Shelby instant download PDF pattern for the template. I cut it from a plastic folder and traced it will a ball point pen onto the vilene back of the purple fabric.

cutting out the 'petals'

Then I cut out the 'petals' making sure to cut off the ball point ink. Now I was ready for the appliqué.

pinning the purple petals

I pinned the 'petals' in place diagonally across the pieced squares.

I used some fleece to make a design wall and pinned up my practice piece
I chose a light purple thread #607 from the Bottom Line range of Superior Threads. This is a very fine thread designed to go in the bobbin but it's perfect for machine appliqué. This thread is so fine that it will disappear into the fabric.

# 607 Light Purple Bottom Line on top and #624 White in the pre-wound bobbin
These larger cones are cross wound and need to come off from the top of the cone. This thread stand allows me to use the economical larger cones with any sewing machine. I simply place the cone on the thread stand, thread it through the loop and thread the machine as normal.

This simple thread stand lets me take advantage of the larger cones
The amazing box feed on the Juki HZL Exceed 600 makes this machine a dream to machine appliqué with. The seams lie straight and flat with no puckering. Perfect! This raw edge appliqué technique is so much quicker than the hand basted method that I used the first time. I'm thrilled with how quickly the project is coming together.

the industrial box feed on the Juki Exceed 600 makes a lovely line of stitching

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