Friday, 5 July 2013

Binding Issues

stitching the binding with the JUKI Exceed 600

I'm directionally challenged. I mix up my left and right. It's only been made worse by living for the last 25 years in a country that does many things the other way round. Anyway, this usually trips me up when I'm sewing the binding. It's the last diagonal join where I'm machine stitching the binding down on the quilt top. I like the diagonal join as it spreads out the fabric and makes a nice neat finish. But I almost always struggle with this particular step of the binding process. I get the fabric ends turned the wrong way around and have to unpick it and try again. 

JUKI Exceed 600 sewing on the binding

A while ago I found a double fold binding tutorial from Megan at Canoe Ridge Creations and saved it on my pinterest board. I tried it today and my diagonal join came together perfectly, the very first time. If you're looking for a brilliant binding tutorial for the directionally challenged here it is!

Bottom Line #634 Baby Blue perfect for hand sewing the binding

When it comes to hand stitching the binding Bottom Line thread from Superior Threads is a good choice. Bottom Line was created as a bobbin thread. It's a fine thread that practically disappears and with 55 colours to choose from it's easy to match your fabric. It makes your stitching look great, because no one can see it! The other feature that I like is that Bottom Line won't tangle and knot up. Sometimes when I'm sewing the binding down the thread knots and I have to stop and cut out the knot and start again. I never have that problem when I'm using Bottom Line thread.

binding on the Star of the Sea Quilt
The binding came together so quickly this time! I'm happy that it's all ready ahead of time for baby May.

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