Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Juki Long Arm!!

JUKI TL-2200 Quilt Virtuoso Pro

The JUKI Long Arm is coming to the UK this summer! The Quilt Virtuoso Pro has been getting rave reviews from American quilters. Now it's on the way to the UK so we can try it out at the Festival of Quilts next month. Yippee! Hooray! Come visit the JUKI stand at the Festival of Quilts. We're in the same place as last year Stand A36 B36-38. The Festival of Quilts is early this summer running from Thursday 8 August through Sunday 11 August. Come visit us for a test drive. I'm so excited I can't wait.

JUKI QVP side view


Laurina said...

Hi - I'm the Juki agent in New Zealand. We would love to see the long arm available in 230V. I wonder if this one has been converted or if they will demo using a US model with a transformer? Would love to hear what you think after seeing it.

Martha said...

We'll let you know, Laurina. Thanks for commenting. We're importing the Stateside version so we'll have it at our Summer show but JUKI IS developing the 230V!!! We wanted people to have the chance to try it now. We've heard such good things about this QVP JUKI Long arm.We can't wait to try it!

Betty said...

Martha, could you tell me whether the machine is available in Europe? For sale in the UK?
I've not heard about this machine for a long time now.
I livein the Netherlands