Thursday, 19 September 2013

Happy Endings

Emily started with the feathers
first down one side of the 'seed'  then up the other
Emily is left-handed and uses her left hand under the arm to guide the machine
notice the scalloping on the inside of the purple 'seeds'
A view of the first half of the final border feather
finishing the last half of the feather
machine quilting detail
As we come to the final feather I want you to look back at the last 3 pictures and notice how the pins stick up. This is why we pinned the quilt top to the BACK of the 2nd leader on fabric pole #2. Pinning to the back makes the pinned seam stick up so that Emily wont stitch the quilt to the leader fabric by mistake.

notice the hand's width of space available at the end
 This is a single bed quilt and we've loaded it on the frame so that we are only quilting through the width of the quilt. Our goal is to keep the roll of fabric under the arm of the sewing machine as small as possible. At the end of the quilting, Emily still has a hand's width of space available to quilt. So, if Emily keeps her quilt patterns to a hand's width through out the whole quilt, she will be able to keep the scale of the pattern consistent from the start of the quilting to the end.

feathers create such beautiful un-quilted space
throwing the un pinned quilt over the frame for a photo finish
Emily is so happy with her finished quilt. 
Rosie is going to be happy too!!

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