Tuesday 30 June 2015

Sewing Machine Adultery

I've just been reading some sewing machine reviews by Rebecca Lynne. This gal has a great blog and a real knack for reviewing. She calls her reviews "Sewing Machine Adultery". I like her style. I found the reviews really helpful and I liked the comments from other people too.

So today I'm suggesting that you visit Rebecca Lynne's blog and see what she has to say about the Juki. Rebecca Lynne lives in America and the Juki 2010Q that she mentions is very similar to the Juki TL98P that we have available here in the UK.

Juki TL98P perfect for machine quilting on our New English Quilter frames
I love my Juki! I have a TL98P that I use for machine quilting on a frame. It has all the features that I need and it's not cluttered with loads of features that I don't need.

There's plenty of room for the fabric pole under the arm of this Juki TL98P
  • Space - the arm is longer and TALLER. Lots of new machines are longer now, but only the Juki is taller too. On a machine quilting frame, I need the height.
  • Speed - I need speed to get a flowing line of stitching. The Juki TL98P goes 1500 stitches per minute effortlessly, it purrs. 
  • Simplicity - it only does a straight stitch, but it does that perfectly. Being simple it is easy to tension, easy to maintain, easy to fix.
  • Strength - it's a workhorse, metal semi-industrial, built to last a lifetime.
Like a few of the gals who commented on Rebecca Lynne's review, I have 2 machines. I use the straight stitch JUKI TL98P for machine quilting on a frame and I use the Juki HZL Exceed 600 for piecing, appliqué, general sewing, mending and everything else. The cost of both of these machines together is less than many people are spending on the newer computerized sewing machines. Heck, for some of them you could throw in the cost of the frame as well and it would still cost less! These Juki machines give you value for money. Computers begin to be obsolete the minute they hit the shelves.Likewise computerized sewing machines have a built in obsolescence. These Juki machines are timeless classics built to last.

Juki HZL Exceed 600 perfect for piecing and everything else!
Franklins Group are the UK Juki Distributors
Give Laurence or Gary a ring. They'll answer any questions 
and let you know the JUKI sewing machine dealer nearest you.

Laurence ~ 01206 574758
Gary ~ 01245 346300

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