Sunday, 21 June 2015

Father's Day

My dad with my twin sister Peggy on the left and me on the right

My Auntie sent me some old photos a few months ago and this shot of my dad with me and my sister Peggy was one I'd never seen before.

We've been so blessed with the best dad ever!

He looks so young in this picture. I love it!

I'm also  blessed to have a twin sister. It's like having your very own built-in best friend right from the start.

Peggy lives in Baltimore with her husband Dan and their 6 grown up children. Now Peggy's oldest son is just about to become a father and of course the new baby must be welcomed with a quilt.

I've 'fussy cut' 4 inch squares from my brights and kiddie prints
I made one of my very first quilts for Peggy's first child, Patrick. It was tiny bright squares with flannel on the back and much too thick polyester wadding in the middle. Back in the early eighties we didn't have much else in the way of wadding or batting to choose from.

This time I wanted to do something similar. So I fussy cut 4 inch squares from my brights and kiddie fabrics. Now I'll go with a lovely breathable needle punched cotton wadding. I've got it all pieced together now just waiting for my lovely flannel backing to arrive from America. If you're looking for a great online site to order fabric from America try

They offer a fantastic selection of quilting and apparel fabric at reduced prices. If you keep your order below £15.00 you will not get caught in customs when it gets to the UK.

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