Friday, 28 February 2014

Juliet's First Go

machine quilting detail of Juliet Flockhart's Chelsea Blues quilt
I love it when customers send me photos of their work! Juliet had a chance to try out our New English Quilter frame at the Alexander Palace Knitting and Stitching Show last fall. Then she came to visit for a free demo and decided it was just what she needed to move forward with her quilting.

Juliet setting up her 8 foot NEQ2frame
Here's a photo of her 8 foot NEQ2 with the JUKI TL98P lockstitch sewing machine and the Nifty Grip speed control handles. She's just got it out of the box and set up in a spare bedroom. Juliet is happy to be able to leave the frame set up most of the time.

practising the ripple stipple pattern on some scrap fabric
Now Juliet is practising the Ripple Stipple from the La Mer DVD. It's a good idea to spend time on a practice piece before launching out on the proper quilt.

Juliet's Chelsea Blues quilt , finished and just off the NEQ2 frame
I think that Juliet's Chelsea Blues quilt is just gorgeous. The Ripple Stipple quilting pattern worked beautifully with the log cabin pieced blocks. The stitching pattern shows up well on the back in the photo below.

the machine quilting stitches show up well on the back
"I have completed my 'Chelsea Blues' quilt and am very pleased with the outcome. Apart from perhaps having the quilting too close for my taste, the actual presentation is very pleasing.  The tension was nigh on perfect and the back was excellent, which was what I was having so much trouble with latterly on my hand and machine quilting.  It has a very nice 'hand quilted' effect all over which was exactly what I had been aiming for."
Juliet's next project!
Isn't it nice when a plan comes together. I'm excited to see what happens with this one!! After working for a couple of months on her own, Juliet is coming down from Edinburgh for our March Retreat at the Petwood. What fun!

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