Monday, 11 August 2014

Eureka Moments

New English Quilter frame on the Franklins Stand at the Festival
Another great show has come and gone. As the dust settles we are tired but happy to have shared our machine quilting passion with thousands of people. It's a perfect chance to find the machine quilting frame that's the 'right fit' for each persons space and pockets.

Ikuko, Clarissa and Martha at the JUKI stand Festival of Quilts 2014
After making the rounds, many people are surprised to find our New English Quilter frames. People appreciate the simplicity of design and the freedom of movement. They especially like the variety of sizes to fit in a variety of homes, not to mention the affordable pricing!

feeling the movement on the Art Quilter frame for the first time
During our demonstrations there are 
three 'Eureka' moments. 
The first is when we persuade people to actually move the sewing machine. People are often shy and hesitate to touch the machine. But when they do, they're astonished by the freedom of movement. It's like magic - so easy and effortless!

Martha demonstrating the New English Quilter frames
The second Eureka moment is when they realize that they will never need to baste pin or tack again, ever! Each layer of the quilt is tensioned separately so there are never any rucks or wrinkles, even on the back. The frame creates a perfectly tensioned surface all steady and ready for you to draw with the needle.

The third Eureka moment is when we take the frame apart. Most people say, "No, don't bother to take it apart!" And we say, "It's no bother, it just takes a minute." We lift the fabric poles out, take off the sewing machine, lift of the carriages, unclamp the side arms and lift off the tracks. Suddenly the penny drops and people realize that it really is just that easy!

Rosie showing how the 6 foot frame comes together
We do this hundreds of times every day of the show and quilters discover that our New English Quilter frames offer the same freedom of movement as the long arms for a fraction of the cost. Our frames are designed to easily fit into your car and your homes.  It's exciting to find that free motion quilting can be fast, fun and affordable too.

Rosie and Martha taking the Art Quilter frame apart - it's so easy!

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