Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Why men like our frames

As you might guess, the Festival of Quilts is overwhelmingly a women's event. So it is fun to see how the occasional man reacts to our New English Quilter frame. Men tend to stand in the background with their arms across their chests quietly watching. They watch as the ladies glide the sewing machine across the quilt top. They see it move 'just like a jigsaw'. Men notice the quality of design.

Men are impressed with the beauty of the ratchets and the durability of the wood finish. They appreciate the thought that has gone into all the frame features that make it easy for women to use and put together and take apart. They recognize that it's built to last a lifetime. And to be honest, they're just glad it's not more fabric!

I wish my husband said this!
This year we noticed a man who kept coming back. Later in the day he brought his wife over to the stand and made her give our frame a try. He said "I've been everywhere today and this is my favourite thing in the whole show." She was a hand quilter and not really interested in machine quilting, but he made her try the New English Quilter anyway. She was surprised at how easily the frame moved. She liked our no-mark hand-guided approach to quilting. She realized that we shared a similar philosophy of stitching to the hand-quilter - we were just pushing the needle where we wanted it to go  a bit faster. As she left the stand, she smiled and said, "Well, I'm a convert!"

Our New English Quilter frames give you the same freedom of movement as a long arm, for a fraction of the cost. They set up and take down so quickly and easily that you won't need a studio either. Isn't that a relief!

This clever group quilt was by the same ladies who did the MeerKat Quilt and the Sun Bonnet Sue Olympics quilt. So clever and funny! Emily took the photos this year but I can't find the name of the group to credit them. Can anyone help?

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