Monday, 8 September 2014

Rosie's Uni Quilt

Rosie is off to the University of Edinburgh to study architecture. So of course she needed a quilt. We decided on a limited palette of pinks and reds with ivory, black and grey and used themed fabrics that had memories of home and recent travels; cats, pianos, Eiffel towers and roses, of course.

some of Rosie's favourite things
Sinking the squares into a grey background made the pink seem all grown up and just perfect for a Uni quilt.

adding the final borders with my JUKI HZL Exceed 600

piecing with a silver OMNI on top
joining the fleece backing with a zig-zag stitch

Auditioning the quilting thread

We chose the steel grey So Fine in the end. Rosie wanted a thread that would disappear into the borders. The #408 Silver So Fine has a subtle matt finish and worked perfectly. It went through the whole quilt without any trouble. We used Bottom Line pre-wounds in the bobbin in an ivory colour that would disappear into the fleece backing.

we used Emily's swirly feather pattern
The So Fine thread ended up creating great texture without drawing too much attention to itself which fit in well with the fresh modern feel of the quilt.

Rosie's quilt loaded on the 8 foot New English Quilter frame & JUKI TL98P

Since we only started the quilt the week before Rosie had to go, we needed to keep the piecing simple. We were inspired by this quilt made by Kelly Finster for her friend Laura. Rosie had a look through my pinterest boards and chose this quilt. Kelly and Laura became friends at the start of University. So it seemed a very fitting choice!

Kelley Finster's quilt for her Uni friend Laura
Rosie's quilt was a 6 day wonder! I finished the piecing on Wednesday and loaded it on the 8 foot New English Quilter frame, Emily and I completed the quilting on Thursday evening and I stitched the binding Friday, just in time for our trip up to Edinburgh on Saturday. It's wonderful how the right kind of tools enable us to complete a quilt beautifully and quickly.

I love how the thread played out
Rosie chose a stripy fabric for the binding


Celia Ambrose said...

Very pretty quilting! Love how the backing is so soft and plush, and the quilting shows up just beautifully. Love the colors you selected for the top. (

Martha said...

Thanks for commenting Celia! I'm a bright colour person but Rosie was happier with a limited palette. We were pleased with how it came together too. The fleece backing is soft and cuddly and does show off the quilting.I really miss Rosie! But I'm glad that I can imagine her nice and warm under the quilt.