Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Architectural Elements

Visiting St Petersburg is like walking into an enchantment. The architecture is in a grand style with ornate Baroque carvings, soft and vibrant colours, unusual ornaments, all manner of statues erected on the rooftops and embellished on the walls. 

The skyline is rife with guilded domes and spires. There are pillars and columned arches, wide streets criss crossed by the many bridges, large and small. The rippling water everywhere providing the perfect contrast to the still stone

Spectacularly stunning,  piercingly beautiful. A textile artist could not fail to be inspired. Words fail, so I will let the pictures talk.

Emily, Kanako san and Gadzhi Kadiev
JUKI Corporation brings together Emily and Martha from England, Kanako san from Japan and Gadzhi Kadiev from Russia to promote the new JUKI QVP2200 long arm quilting machine in St Petersburg.

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