Saturday, 27 December 2014

Best Christmas Present Ever!

New English Quilter set up in Martha's home
 Kirstie came to visit our stand at the Festival of Quilts last summer. She tried our New English Quilter frames and fell in love with it. 

New English Quilter - a side view

Kirstie must have dropped some hints like anchors because her dear husband bought her our 8 foot NEQ2 frame, purpose built table and a set of Nifty Grips to go with her sewing machine for Christmas.

"However, (wide grin now plastered on face), I was an EXTREMELY spoilt Lady this Christmas.  The Husband saw fit to give in to my not-so-subtle pleadings and bought me The Best Christmas Present. EVER."

I think she likes it! And that makes us really happy!!
"...this quilting frame is just the BEST!" 

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