Monday, 1 December 2014

SuperQuilter Spares

my schoolhouse quilt on the SuperQuilter frame
Martha at the 2004 Festival of Quilts

The SuperQuilter was my very first machine quilting frame. 

My mom gave it to me for a Christmas present in 2002 and I began selling them here in the UK in the summer of 2003.

 So when I found the old box of spare parts I felt all nostalgic remembering quilting my schoolhouse quilt 

and the early shows at the Festival of Quilts and little Emily machine quilting her first stack and wack Daisiez Quilt!

little Emily machine quilting her first quilt!and  Emily's first try quilting her Daizez quilt. 
Here are some photos of the SuperQuilter spare parts available to purchase:

SQ carriages top and bottom
  • Top carriages £10 each (2 available)
  • Bottom carriages £10 each (3 available)

SQ right hand side arms
  • 3 ratchet end side pieces £5 each (2 sold 1 remaining)
  • 3 non-ratchet end side pieces £5.00 each
6 replacement wheels for the carriages
  • 4 carriage wheels £5.00
replacement levers for the side arms
  • 5 ratchet engagers complete with screw fixings £1.00 each (4 sold 1 available)

set of 3 extension bars for the fabric bars
  • set of 3 extension bars for changing 6 foot to 8 foot bars £5.00 (1 set available)
upright side standing pieces
  • side piece uprights including non ratchet end side arms £25 each (1 sold 2 available) This is probably the easiest part to break and well worth a spare!
3 ratchet end pieces, 3 non ratchet end pieces and 6 pins
  • bag containing 3 ratchet end pieces, 3 non-ratchet end pieces and 6 pins £5.00 (2 sold 2 available)
4 black knobs
  • black knobs £1.00 each (4 sold zero available)
Prices do not include shipping. If you like any of these give me a call:

01526 378551
or email:

When they're gone 
they're gone!

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