Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Ben's Parking Ticket

Ben's take on the Time and Space theme was a 'parking ticket'. You have to admit, the idea was cool. With a parking ticket you get your 'space' for a certain amount of 'time'. He did need some prompting to take part. But he was keen to have a chance to try out the new sewing machine on the frame. Ben also enjoyed the computer generated part of the project. We kept the project small so it could be completed in a weekend.

Ben strip-pieced brights and space fabric and cut and pieced this to go with dark space and planets fabric. This small quilt served as the background for Ben to velcro his parking ticket.

For the quilting, as I mentioned Ben was keen to use the table top quilting frame. Ben used metallic and glow in the dark thread to machine quilt a variety of straight and curvy patterns down the radiating stripes.

The actual ticket was designed on the computer. Ben modeled the design on a real parking ticket, but adapted it to suit a futuristic space theme. Then he printed the ticket on a piece of specially treated fabric that was designed to go through the ink jet printer. This was bond-a webbed to another piece of fabric so the parking ticket was detachable. All in all - a clever idea!

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