Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Kate's Klimt

Kate's inspiration for this quilt was a painting by Gustav Klimt called Expectation. I've included a copy of the original so you can appreciate Kate's take on it. Kate had been learning about Klimt in an art class at school. She had an art book full of Klimt patterns and looking at the spirals, I commented that she could make the same pattern on the quilting frame. She needed an end of year art project so she decided to do it in textiles. There was also a youth quilt competition coming up in the summer with a Money theme. With a bit of tweaking, the quilt was able to do both.
Kate created the girl's figure in the quilt with a combination of bond-a-web and machine applique. The triangles were first strip pieced then cut and fitted together like a puzzle. Kate used fabric paint to make the face. Kate used free-motion machine quilting to create the spiral patterns. It was her first try and she did a great job. The quilt was heavily embellished. To make the quilt fit the money theme, Kate changed the position of the figure. In the original the girl had both hands on her hair. Kate's version has one hand outstretched with a hand full of coins falling to the floor. The end result was amazing! Click on the photo to get a better view of Kate's quilt.

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