Saturday, 24 January 2009

Kids and Quilts

I love kids and quilts. For me, January often ushers in a time of reflection. The ancient Romans, the makers of our current calendar, named this month after Janus - a two-faced deity, who looked both forward and backward.

As I begin the new year I like to pause and and look back, I look ahead too, and hope to use the precious time wisely to hold on to what is of value and to let go of what is not.

I think that passing on what we love to who we love is one of the most important things that we can do. It's why I find teaching my kids how to piece and quilt so rewarding. I'm going to use the next few posts to talk about kids and quilts.

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Trudi said...

Passing on to our children our own loves is a gift that is rich both in the giving and recieving. A fundamental part of parenting that we hopefully don't learn too late as adults. My, how she has grown Martha :o)