Friday, 16 October 2009

Machine Quiltling Workshops

There are lots of reasons to go on a machine quilting workshop. Sometimes it's all about learning styles. Some people can learn everything they need to know from books or blogs. But others will benefit from a more personal hands on approach.

A new gadget can be daunting. You see it at the show. It looks so easy. So in the heat of the moment you buy the thing. But when you get it home there can be a certain 'quilters block' when it comes to getting it out of the box and starting to quilt with it. A workshop can be just the thing to get over the hump, bridging the gap between watching someone else and confidently doing it yourself.

Sometimes it's just about focus. Our lives are so busy, filled with endless demands on our time and energies. Setting aside time for a workshop, creates a context to focus on just one thing. And focus is powerful. A couple of days away from the daily grind can be refreshing and restorative. And the opportunity to focus on developing a new skill away from the daily distractions can usher us into new levels of proficiency.

I offer personal workshops for one or perhaps two people keen to develop free-motion machine quilting skills using a table top frame. Although I'm using a JUKI TL 98P on the New English Quilter, the lessons can be applied to any sewing machine on any frame. All the materials are provided in a relaxed setting and the workshop is built around you, where you are and what you hope to accomplish.

For people traveling any distance, there is an award winning B&B just across the street. Margaret and David at Chaplin House will make your stay something special. so much so that many people who came to Chaplin House for an initial workshop keep on coming back again and again to just to enjoy the hospitality.
To arrange a workshop give me a ring or email.
tel:01526 378057

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