Friday, 23 October 2009

Texture Magic Tutorial

I've just received a shipment of Texture Magic from Superior Threads and I'm having lots of fun experimenting with it. Texture Magic is a fabric that shrinks 30% when it's steamed. Here's a basic tutorial for using Texture Magic with a sewing machine off the frame. I've chosen a fat quarter of seasonal black cat fat fabric. It has the added bonus of saving me the trouble of drawing a grid.

The Texture Magic packets are 47" X 18" That's half a yard and will fit two fat quarters. So I'll cut off the other half and save it for the next project. Next I''ve pinned the fat quarter to the Texture Magic.

I'm going to sew along the grid lines on the fat quarter.

Here it is, all sewn along the grid lines.

Now, following the directions on the packet, I'm going to steam the Texture Magic side, taking care not to actually touch the fabric.

Now I've turned it round to the fabric side and am steaming it a bit more. WOW! Great texture. And blogging about it took far longer than doing it!!


Nedra said...

Hi Martha!
I'm so happy to see you experimenting with Texture Magic. Isn't it wonderful to work with? I didn't know you had a blog. I'll be following you and seeing what fun things you come up with.

MaryEQuilter said...

Martha - Texture Magic is so much fun. Everyone I show it to is amazed. I am demoing to my quilt guild on Tuesday!

Martha said...

I wanted to start with a simple grid on the blog. But we've had lots of fun with Texture Magic already on the frame with free-motion quilting designs. We've got some more seasonal pumpkin projects with Texture Magic coming up this week.