Thursday, 17 December 2009

It'll take a Miracle!

On Monday at 10:00pm the last leaf was appliqued to the block. On Tuesday morning all 144 blocks lay on the front room floor," just like a pile of leaves!" commented my husband. By Tuesday night there were 36 squares, each with 4 seasons making the circle. Mrs Boomer's been at our school for 36 years so we really did need a circle with 4 seasons for each year.

On Wednesday the blocks went from 36 to 4 and then to one. Then a strippy backing was pieced. So far today the backing and wadding were cut and all has been loaded on the quilt frame. It's just gone one o'clock. Will it get quilted and bound for the presentation tomorrow at 2:00? It'll take a miracle!

1 comment:

Trudi said...

I'm sure there will be a little miracle happening soon! Persaverance will win the day Martha, I'm sure you can do it, it's looking lovely already :o)