Saturday, 5 December 2009

Leaf-ing Quilt

Thanks to everyone helping to applique the leaves for Kathy Boomer's leaving quilt.

You are appliqueing a leaf on a square and when we put 4 squares together we'll get this circle. I'm hoping to complete 36 circles, one for each of the years that Kathy has been the secretary at our school.

Thread your needle with the thread provided. It's a good colour match and will blend in with the leaf fabric. Make a knot and anchor your thread by making a couple of small stitches under the leaf where it won't show.

Now come up near and just catch the fold of the leaf fabric. Pull your thread through and come through the backing fabric just next to the leaf and a bit under and pull through. Your stitch should be hidden mostly under the leaf. The little bit that shows will blend in with the leaf fabric.

Click on the photos for a clearer view. I'll post some more tommorow. thanks again!

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