Sunday, 27 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

We wish you JOY at Christmas, some quiet moments amidst the chaos of the festivities and all that makes your heart sing. It's been a wonderful first few days of Christmas! We wait til Christmas Eve to start celebrating and then keep the twelve days so we have time to enjoy all that makes the season so special.
First of all we have snow and the children are so happy. And Kate is back from University and Uncle Jeremy from Rome. It's been lovely to catch up with each other.
We've had lots of games around the table.
And lovely meals. We have our Christmas dinner on the day after Christmas that the English call Boxing Day and the Christmas carol 'Good King Wenceslaus' calls 'the feast of Stephen'.
While some of us prepared the meal the others prepared a little show of carols and magic tricks and songs and poems. So the 'Feast of Stephen' was finished off in style!
Now that all the main events are accomplished, I'm looking forward to books and films by the fire and a couple lazy days while the kids play with their toys and we eat lovely left-overs. I must confess that I enjoy turkey sandwiches with lashings of cranberry and mayo just a little bit more than the big meal itself.


quilty mama said...

I love the leftovers, too!!

sweetypie said...

wasnt the snow great,hope you had as much fun as us and whats wrong with turkey curry?