Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Festival Feedback

We love going to the Festival of Quilts and 2010 was one of our best shows ever.We've come back exhausted but happy. Although we do personal demonstrations and workshops throughout the year, most of our contact with customers is by email or telephone.  The show gives us the opportunity to put a face to the person on the other end of the email or phone. Each day at the show we meet thousands of quilters. It's so fun to see how people react to our frame. 

I personally love to see the penny drop, when a quilter frustrated with the limits of quilting off a frame suddenly realizes the potential of a table top frame. The carriage moves so freely, there is no need to pin bast or tack a quilt, the frame really fits into English sized houses and its affordable. People who thought that they could never master free-motion quilting suddenly discover that they could. My favourite comment this year was from a gal who stopped by our stand near the end of the day. She said, "You know, I've been around the whole show and of everything I've seen, this frame is the most exciting! This frame gives me possibilities I've never dreamed of."
There are four features that really surprise people. The first is the freedom of movement as the sewing machine glides over the top of the quilt. I urge people to actually glide the sewing machine -this is an experience that watching the video can't give. The second is that the frame totally eliminates the need to baste, pin,  tack, or spray glue a quilt sandwich together. Again this is much easier to get in person.The third is how simple the frame comes together and apart.We spend all day taking the frame apart and putting it back together.People always say don't bother but it only takes a minute and it really gives people vision for just how the frame could fit in their homes. Finally, people are surprised and pleased that the frames are made in England. This means that we are on hand to offer continuing support and service.There are lots of American made frames available here but they are geared to the 'Bigger is Better' American market. Here in the UK Small is Beautiful!
Emma, Trudi, Brenda, Emily and Martha
These are the gals who made this year so fun! I'll be posting more about them in the next few days.

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