Friday, 6 August 2010

Progress Down Under

It’s always a pleasure getting feedback from exciting places. I’ve blogged about Brenda in Australia before. Brenda’s the one whose husband can’t stop singing La Mer! Here’s a photo of Brenda’s stunning Australian Flag Quilt. As I’m busy beavering away on my English flag blocks for the next DVD, I was really keen to see how this flag quilt turned out. I love it! And I think it’s a brilliant idea to make it double-sided. I've included parts of an email from Brenda and another photo which shows the ripple stipple stitching close up.Thanks for sharing Brenda. I think your quilt is gorgeous! I can’t wait to see what you do next!

Hello Martha,

I thought you might be interested in my progress. WOW, what a great time quilting I’ve been having! Thanks to you and your DVD, I’ve completed several of my projects, including Ben’s Flag Quilt. Ben lives with us and is so pleased to finally have his quilt. Ben just turned 21 and when he requested a flag quilt, for his 21st, my dilemma was how to make a flag quilt that he could continue to enjoy as he got older.

The result was a double-sided quilt, flag one side and stars the other. The next problem was solved with your DVD, I used the Ripple pattern. It was ideal, for me, and the project. I am looking forward to your next DVD, when can I expect to see it??? The best news of all is, Dick has stopped singing La Mer!

Thanks once again,
Brenda XXX

By the way Brenda, you need to prepare yourself! The theme tune for the next DVD in the Line Dancing Series, is a song by Bobby Darin called Beyond the Sea. Your husband's going to love it!


jill said...

OH NOOOOO -- it was days to get that song out of my head. And I was singing it in french and english -- ackkk. Is there a spanish version for the 3rd dvd??
It is a beautiful song -- I hope I can quilt without having to sing La Mer.

Martha said...

I'd like to use some Windam Hill for a future DVD. Have you heard of them, Jill? Really lovely guitar and piano; George Winston and Will Ackerman. That would be beautiful music to quilt to.

colleencl said...

Beautiful quilt ... Brenda does great work and I too love the DVD and the song ... just not getting enough time to play and practice over the summer!