Saturday, 7 August 2010

Last Orders

This weekend I'm putting together a really BIG order of Superior Threads for the Festival of Quilts. This is an interesting process. I go through my stock and try to think of threads that people will want, how many and what kind, it's mind boggling! It occurred to me that it might be a good idea to ask instead of just guessing. So if anyone was hoping to purchase particular threads, needles, or real thread colour cards at the show, email me before noon on Monday with your list and I'll have it all ready for you to collect and pay for at the NEC show. Don't worry,  I don't mind if you change your mind when you get there. Any emails will simply help me to come up with a good order.

So if there is anything particular you would like reserved just for you to collect at the Festival of Quilts, email me at: 
before noon on Monday. Thanks for helping and see you at the Show.

Bob Purcell, from Superior Threads, Paul Hayes from Dorcas Designs and Martha Milne from Machine Quilter. Festival of Quilts 2008


Trudi said...

A large spool of soluble thread please :) I'd like to try it for basting.

Martha said...

Thanks for that Trudi, it's on the list!