Sunday, 24 October 2010

Catching the Bug

My friend Angie caught the quilting bug. Well, actually the piecing bug and the fabric bug too!It's such a good infection! I made a quilt for her daughters and now Angie has pieced a quilt for her sister's new baby boy. She's been collecting fabrics that a little boy might like and completed piecing her first top. I offered to quilt it for her. After feeling guilty for several weeks for not getting round to it, I finally got the kids to set up the frame after Church today, and it was done in an hour and a half! Oh the joy of a finished project!!

I've used this fun variegated King Tut #921 Cleopatra on top. I love this thread, especially with the bright colourful fabrics that Angie has used here. I've just quilted hearts and loops, a good pattern for favourite things. Angie's mum is fond of hearts too. I think that baby quilts are really about blessing mums and grans.This little quilt has bright red non pil fleece for a backing. I've used red pre-wounds in the bobbin. This creates a lovely texture on the back and it's soft and cuddly too. The pre-wounds hold so much thread - I only had to change the bobbin once. Now I feel great, I've done the quilt and blogged about it all in the same afternoon.

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jill said...

that is so adorable -- and your hearts look so nicely stitched -- mine are still so lopsided. glad you got some stitching time in.
feels so great to finish things up.