Thursday, 21 October 2010

The Post Office

One of the best parts of my day, is finding out where I'm going to post the next DVD to. La Mer is going to so many exciting places; all over America, Australia, New Zealand, France, Italy, Greece, Israel, the Netherlands, Germany, Ireland and Iceland, not to mention England, Scotland and Wales. So far this week, my favourite places are Hawaii and Maryland. Hawaii because I've wanted to go there ever since our 5th grade class project and Maryland because that's my home state.

As much as I am interested in where the DVD's are going to, I thought that perhaps it might be fun for you all to see where the DVD's are posted from. So here it is, our village post office, which is just a tiny add on to the tiny village shop which is an add on to our village pub. No matter where they end up, here's where they get posted from; the Martin Village Post Office.


jill said...

That is a sweet little post office. And yes I vote for Hawaii too!! 2 weeks til houston??? and how is dvd 2 going : ) we will need something fun for our gray winter days here.

Martha said...

We've got some fantastic dance footage for the new DVD.It's going to be titled "Beyond the Sea" and will focus on adding variations to dance steps (line designs) to add interest and transform the look. I'm distracted with trip plans at the moment, but we'll push the DVD forward when we get back from Houston.We leave a week from today!We're aiming to catch a couple days of the Market trade show and a couple days of the Festival!