Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Heading to Houston!

I haven't been doing much blogging lately, but life has been full and busy! We've had a nasty computer virus that caused quite a bit of trouble for a couple of weeks. We've been busy getting the show orders filled and shipped. And we've gotten kids packed and transported to university. Now, we're getting ready to go to Houston, for the Biggest Quilt Show Ever! Yes, we are excited.


Trudi said...

Have a fantastic time! Lots of pics :)

Darci said...

Jill (from Ohio) said you were thinking of bringing your frame to the Houston show. When I was looking for a frame, I loved yours, but could not manage it at the time. So instead, I told Jill! Congratulations for "crossing the pond" and best of luck and success in Houston!

Martha said...

Thanks, Darci! Jill told me about you and I am grateful that you pointed her in our direction! This year at Houston we are just having a look around. We want to see all the new and exciting things on offer. We just purchased our tickets and are so excited!