Saturday, 11 September 2010

Time to Think

I was mulling over something Eileen said when she came over to test drive the JUKI TL 98-P. Eileen said "You know, it gives you time to think." This is a perceptive comment. This JUKI does  1500 stitches per minute which is more stitches per minute than any other machine in it's class. It's even faster than many machines that cost a lot more. Speed is necessary for a flowing line of stitching. The JUKI TL 98-P is a semi-industrial machine, which means that the speed is effortless. To put it another way, the JUKI is not trying hard to achieve that speed. It is a simple and powerful machine. There are no complications to get in the way. Because the sewing machine is so capable, the quilter can relax. The JUKI is up to the job so I am free to concentrate on a steady flowing movement of the carriage. Since I'm not worried about the machine I can focus completely on what I'm doing. Like Eileen said, "It gives me time to think!"
Eileen's new JUKI TL 98-P is coming on Wednesday, she didn't waste any time now did she?!

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Jan Alexander said...

I absolutely love my Juki - it makes free-motion quilting on the NEQ a doddle! Well almost!! I find that I have plenty of time to think about where I'm going to stitch next, but I still haven't mastered moving my feet!!! I'm working on it....