Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Dawn Dancing

Today  we did a film shoot for the next DVD in the Line Dancing Series. It's called Beyond the Sea  and will focus on adding variations to the basic steps. Beyond the Sea will have a post-war 1940's feel and we're using the fox trot as the basic dance. We wanted to shoot a dance sequence to set the tone and mood for the film.I've been working with Emily and Ryan on other projects. You may have seen them in Victorian costume as they danced the waltz for the Gainsbourough Old Hall film. They agreed to join us for this project. We had a couple of sessions over the summer, learning the steps and adding variations. Then we  headed down to the seaside at 4:30 am this morning to catch the dawn light. 

It was a perfect morning, no rain , no wind just a beautiful sunrise! All that lovely light made the film guys so happy. We've included a few stills to give you a sneak peak. The moving images are even better!

Skegness has never looked so good!

Having a preview peak. The photos are by Nick Loven, Chris Roberts and Pauline Loven.


Jan Alexander said...

The stills look brilliant, Martha, can't wait for the DVD. And weren't you lucky - it was a perfect morning.

Martha said...

I Know, Jan. We could hardly believe it ourselves. What a blessing to have such gorgeous weather at the end of the summer!

Fulvia said...

Beautiful, evocative, tasteful ... again! Well done, Martha, and congratulations on your success.

Martha said...

Thank you, Fulvia! Lovely to hear from you.

Trudi said...

The light was truely fabulous that morning, the film guys were soooo right!