Sunday, 4 July 2010

Waltz Class Finale

Yesterday was the film shoot at Gainsborough Old Hall. I was so proud of all the dancers! They were so hot in all those lovely layers yet they danced beautifully in the gorgeous Victorian costumes.This was our third session. On the first session we learned the steps. The second session we practised moving across the dance floor. And on this final session we worked on the spacing and tried not to bump into each other. Each session was a good two hours.The dancers had so much fun! My son Ben is leading Rochelle, the lady in red (above photo, lower right) and my daughter Emily is dancing with Ryan in the photo below. I'm slipping out the door just before the filming starts.

Gainsborough Old Hall commissioned Wag Screen to create a film showing how the house has been used over the years. In the storyline for the film, Violet, the girl in the centre in modern clothes, wanders from room to room. She can see into the past and with her eyes we see the various activities that took place through out the history of the Hall. As ever these film shoots are a collaborative effort. Pauline Loven designed the costumes. They're authentic replicas of Victorian clothes. Pauline often uses portraits as primary sources.The photo below is a recreation of the portrait which Pauline used as inspiration for the dresses. Photos are by John Bennett and Pauline Loven. We can't wait to see how the film turns out, the stills show off the costumes beautifully but we need the moving image to do justice to the dancing.

Here's the original; Empress Eugene Surrounded by her Ladies in Waiting By Franz-Xaver Winterhalter, 1855

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