Saturday, 10 July 2010


We've had family from 'the States' visiting the past two weeks, my mom, who lives in Maryland and two of my nephews, Joey and Ben from Georgia and Texas. We live in Lincolnshire, about 21/2 hours north of London by train. We thought the kids would enjoy a day out together in the Big City.  So we sent them with my twins, Emily and Ben down to London to see the sights. Click on any of the photos for a better view.
They arrived in London at King's Cross station.(Ben and Joey)
Visited the tower of London.  (Joey and Emily)
Crossed Tower Bridge. (Emily, Joey and Ben)

Here's Ben and Ben by, you guessed it, Big Ben. You can see another view of this famous clock tower in the first photo.

All the boys by the London Eye.

Ben and Emily outside Buckingham Palace.
And home again by train. I think they had fun! (Ben and Joey)


Trudi said...

Looks like a grand day out!

Nedra said...

You sure have cute kids. I bet your mom is having a wonderful time seeing her grandkids. I've never been to England, so thanks for sharing pictures of London.

Martha said...

Thanks Nedra, I have inner beauty - it comes out in my kids : )
My mom did enjoy her stay!