Monday, 12 July 2010

About Burleigh

Here's a bit more about my favourite dishes. Rosemary and William Dorling saved the Burleigh Pottery from closure 10 years ago. The video clip gives you a glimpse of the craftmanship that goes into the creation of the ceramic pottery. While I was visiting last week, I had the opportunity to talk with Rosemary about the possibility of using various designs on the Burleighware pottery as  line design inspiration for machine quilting.  I'd been wanting to develop this in a future DVD in the Line Dancing series. Rosemary was excited about the prospect. She picked up on the natural affinity between the pottery and the possible textile designs right away. Now Rosemary is looking forward to developing connections with quilters. We hope to use the historic Burleigh factory as a venue for the filming  and we'll be meeting up with the film guys later in the year.


Anonymous said...

What an interesting idea!

Trudi said...

Fantastic idea, shame I just used a lot of my blue and white china like fabrics for a quilt for a freind, but it inspires all sorts of breativity!