Friday, 30 July 2010

Icing the Cake...

Every now and then people say such nice things I just have to blog about it!

"I GOT THE DVD!!!!! We are doing the HAPPY DANCE!!!
Thank you so much for your speedy delivery – when can I get the next DVD!!! We devoured it and then went back for 2nds!! We want more – I want to watch you quilt a whole quilt!! All your stitches and techniques – you make it look too easy. Good camera work also.

You and your film crew did a very professional, wonderful job. I am a major doodler and I also like to decorate cakes (piping bag rhythm) so I think I can do this. I would like to have a class with you – do you ever come to the US??

I can see that like a well trained dancer you could easily lead a
Newbie through the motions and launch them quickly. I saw the YouTube of your client – she was soo energized and encouraged and so are we (the kids all want to quilt now.) Thank you for the DVD it was MARVELOUS!!! Off to get the salt!!!"
Jill from Ohio, USA
I like Jill's cake decorating connection. Machine quilting reminds me of icing cakes too! 

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