Thursday, 9 December 2010

Lines and Spaces

In quilting, the un-quilted spaces are just as important as the quilted lines. In fabric like this, with a large motif, I like to stipple quilt around the motif. In this case, it makes the roses pop up. I chose a fine thread that would blend in with the background colour, so it would create texture without drawing too much attention to itself. Here I used MasterPiece # 158 Moccasin from Superior Threads.

Then I was tempted to accent the roses. Again I chose a colour that would blend in; Rose Garden #832 from the Rainbows range was ideal.

The tonal variation of the thread was just like the fabric.
All together it made for a fun first stripe. As ever,
clicking on the images
will give you a clearer view of the stitching.


jill said...

SUPER COOL -- that is really detailed quilting. How did you attack your quilting? did you do the roses first then the stipple or stipple then roses or just left to right as you were running down the fabric. The detail is so nice on the roses. Thanks -- have a few more snow days ok !! I'm enjoying all YOUR quilting : )

Martha said...

Thanks Jill. I started with the stippling. At first, that was all that I was going to do on that stripe. Then I heard the roses calling out to me for a bit more attention...