Saturday, 11 December 2010

Thread Choices

For the next 3 stripes, I used the same quilting pattern; the Filigree Scrollwork design that I used on the table runner. In the first red strip, I added the holly leaf motif.

I used a King Tut #989 Malachite - a lovely rich green tonal. Since I've already given a doodle design for that pattern in a previous post, I'll focus on the thread choices.

For the 'houses in the dark' stripe, I used this new King Tut called 'Holy and Ivy' that I picked up on the Houston Trip. It was so like the Boughs of Holly tube of cookie sprinkles that I just had to photograph them together.

For the red and green 'fir forest' stripe, I went for a larger looser version of the same scrollwork line design. After a bit of thought, I went for a gold Metallic for this one. By varying the thread and scale, and throwing in a motif, the same line design played out quite differently across the three stripes.

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