Monday, 7 February 2011

Binding Issues

I love using fleece. But I don't enjoy sewing binding through it! So for this project I came up with a way to skip that part of the process. I've sliced a strip of strippy fabric that picks out some of the colours of the paisley. I've folded it and ironed it as if it were going to be used for french binding. In this photo, I'm sewing it against the quilted paisley selvage.

Now I've pinned the fleece so the fold is even and sewn it down.

Now I've flipped over the stripy fabric so that it covers up the seam and topstitched it down.

All I now need to do is fold the corners to mitre them and hand stitch them securely.

This came together so quickly! And I've loved NOT having to sew a proper binding. The fleece is lush and lovely. The paisley texture is great too. Don't you just love 'pre-marked' fabric!


jill said...

Oh that looks fantastic -- I'm a paisley freak and that will be on my list to buy ! Great binding, really frames the quilt so nicely. I'll give it a try on the next fleece quilt.

Trudi said...

It's so much more beautiful in person! :) I'm thrilled I got to see it today!

Emma said...

Looks great, fantastic idea for the binding

Martha said...

Thanks gals! I'm holding onto it until our Machine Quilters Retreat later this month, then I'm going to post it to my mom for her birthday.Meanwhile I'll just be happy about finishing a fun project!