Saturday, 5 February 2011

Paisley Wholecloth

I've been saving this lovely paisley fabric to make a snuggly quilt for my mom. She loves these colours. A couple of weeks ago I found the perfect fleece for it. I decided quilt around the paisley pattern on the fabric. First, I needed to choose the thread. I liked both of these Rainbow cones. But I went for the purpley one in the end. The 'Northern Lights' was a perfect match. But it seemed a shame to do all the machine quilting and not have it show up. Clicking on the images shows up the threads and fabric.

Our cat Tipsy is testing it out! Quilting around the paisley pattern created an interesting texture and the thread colour worked well too. I have a novel idea about how to do the binding. I'll post about it tomorrow. We're bringing out an updated version of our frame in the next few weeks. Yesterday, I got to try out the new tracks. Paul has designed a new join that is seamless. There is no bump at all, not even a tiny blip when I run the carriage over the join. Fantastic!


Kristie said...

So beautiful! Paisley is the favorite of my mom and I both. My eye always catches everything paisley. I love the idea of quilting the design of the fabric.

Martha said...

Thanks Kristie! I've always had a bit of a soft spot for paisley.It was a fun pattern to outline. I didn't try to follow the designs exactly.I picked out certain motifs and added a bit of scalloping and outlining to work my way back and forth across the top. It looks pretty on the back too.