Thursday, 30 June 2011

Custom Job

Sometimes we get asked to do a custom job. A quilter in Canada needed a frame for her Handi-Quilter Sweet 16 sewing machine. But she was short on space and only had room for a 6 foot table. Our challenge was to create a frame big enough to accommodate the 16 inches on the arm of that whopper sewing machine and strong enough to bear the weight yet small enough to fit comfortably in her home.

To give some perspective, I put the JUKI TL98 P on the carriage to show just how big this carriage is. It has been reinforced to bear the weight of the 53 lb sewing machine! But it still glides effortlessly along the tracks at the touch of a finger. The carriage has enough front to back movement to take advantage of those 16 inches of throat space.

This frame is heading off to Canada but we'll be making more. I think we're going to be needing bigger frames over here too. There's a rumour that stretch JUKI's are coming to the UK!


Emma said...

Exciting news but not good for my bank balance!!

Martha said...

Surely the shop will NEED one! : )