Thursday, 23 June 2011

NEQ2 Launch!

It sounds like an ocean liner and it is designed to cross the Atlantic! The NEQ2 is the updated version of our original New English Quilter.

We’ve made some changes. The NEQ2 is designed to accommodate larger quilts and larger sewing machines. The poles are sturdier in order to limit bowing, the track joins are seamless to eliminate ‘the bump’ and the arms have been redesigned so you can work from either side! The carriages are bigger too, to handle the larger sewing machines.

We've kept all the great features of the Original New English Quilter. It's still easy to assemble, simple to use, and handcrafted to be beautiful AND useful. We still offer the very best service before and after our sales.

The NEQ2 comes in 2 standard sizes: 8 foot and 10 1/2 feet. We also offer a custom service to your specific requirements. For more information, visit our website. Forget the cruise get the Quilter!

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