Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Home from Rome

A view from the bridge, looking across the Tiber to St Peter's Basilica. Rome was warm and wonderful. Coming originally from America, England has always seemed 'old' to me. But Rome takes 'old' to a new level.

Our three youngest are sitting outside St Paul's Basilica.

What has most surprised me is the sheer scale of the buildings, inside and out!

It was so hot we needed to stop and play in the fountains.

It was fun to be together as a family in such a memorable place.


Emma said...

What a good looking bunch you have Martha! It looks wonderful - we have 3 days in Rome in August, any suggestions on what to see???

Martha said...

I have 'inner beauty' it comes out in my children : )Eat the ice cream! They call it "Gelato" Really really lovely and a perfect antidote for the heat - it's going to be very very hot! The kids enjoyed putting their feet in the fountains. We did St Peter's and St Paul's.We found them both majestic awe inspiring spaces. Just walking around the old part of Rome was great, morning and evening is probably the best time for this.I would have liked to see the catacombs. We did go past the Colosseum on our bus journey home.We'd love to go again.