Monday, 27 February 2012

Hemming Jeans

I find it hard to interrupt quilting projects and do mundane tasks like hemming jeans. But the jeans that I'm taking to Moscow were too long and needed hemming.

The JUKI Exceed 600 sewing machine has an amazing box feed system. I already love this machine for the lovely-straight-no-pucker-seams that it sews when I'm piecing.

 This is due to the industrial type box feeding system that moves the fabric under the pressure foot. Well this industrial Box Feed also tackles bulky seams with no problems! Hemming the jeans gave me another reason to love my JUKI Exceed 600. 

While I'm on the topic, I'll share an email from Anita in Canada. Anita and I attended a Superior Threads Seminar together a couple of years ago.Last September she emailed me with some questions about the new JUKI Exceed sewing machines.
Good morning Martha!

Although we both attended the School of Threadology at the same time, I never took the opportunity to chat. But I follow your blog (even though I quilt sitting down on my Juki TL-98Q!) and enjoy it thoroughly.

Since you mentioned the Exceed F600 a few posts back I have checked out the specs etc on the web, and it looks like there are more features than on my Bernina 440. I am interested, as I absolutely love the Juki 98. The only problem being that there are none to be had or tried out anywhere near me. I can order from a shop in Western Canada, and that looks like it will eventually be my option. 

I see that you like it for piecing, but have you any experience with the decorative end of things? I enjoy machine applique, and note that there are more useable (and funkier!) stitches plus a width of 7mm, satin stitch tapering from both sides.  If you have any comments etc. concerning this machine could you drop me a note when you have the time? I would appreciate it, as it is difficult deciding without the opportunity to try it. But based on my experience with the 98 I probably wouldn't hesitate.
Anita emailed back recently to tell me some good news. I've included the links to her blog. It's always nice to read other people's reviews.

Hello Martha!

Just a quick note to say that Yes! I did buy the Juki 600 - thanks for your comments while I was researching. So far so good - great machine for the price, but the decorative stitches are what I bought it for and they are wonderful.
A few weeks after I got mine a friend tried it out and immediately ordered hers!
Hopefully these new machines will keep us out of trouble for a while!
Anita Zobens
Certified "Superior Threads" Educator

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