Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Working Backwards

For this project, I've been working backwards. Most of the time we start with the piecing and then figure out a quilting pattern that will bring out the best of it. This time, I started with the quilting and tried to come up with a piecing pattern that would set it off.

I've been working on a Valentine's Day post card project. I wanted to use lots of different threads and stitches to create a quilted panel which would then be cut up and stitched to post cards. So the goal of the piecing was to create a good backdrop for the quilting patterns. Creating a little 'crazy quilt' to fit on my 4 foot Art Quilter frame which would then be cut up into the post cards was much quicker than doing the cards one by one at the sewing machine.

Once the 'crazy patchwork; panel was on the frame, I began quilting playing with lots of different threads and line designs. I was free to treat all the various sections of the top differently because I'm going to cut them up in the end for lots of different post cards. I'll show some of the completed post cards tomorrow. I'll also post a little tutorial for machine appliquéd hearts on the Art Quilter frame.

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