Friday, 16 August 2013

Back Story

 It was the Big One that caught their eye as they were leaving the Festival of Quilts on Sunday afternoon.

They all tried the new JUKI long arm and then moved to the back to try out the smaller New English Quilter frame with the JUKI TL98P sewing machine. They were surprised to get the same freedom of movement. I enjoyed seeing all these young people around the frame.

This guy's mum has a haberdashery shop. He was thinking what fun it would be to have one at the shop. It was definitely worth a call home. There were quite a few quilt shop owners who also realised the advantages of having a quilting frame like this in the shop.

"Hey mum, can I buy one?"

The girl in the back on the left is a young quilter. She just loved trying the frame! You can see her thinking about all the quilts she could finish if she had one of these frames.

This guy is a textile teacher at a Birmingham High School. As he tried the New English Quilter frame he was excited by the potential benefits the frame offered for his textile students. He loved the TL98P sewing machine too. It was exactly the kind of sewing machine he'd been looking for to use with Textile students.

Rosie on the 6 foot New English Quilter frame
It was fun to see all the different ways these young people could  imagine using the New English Quilter frame. They got it! They realized that the frame was a tool and could be used in a variety of ways. It was so satisfying talking with these young people. They left the show very inspired and excited. These kind of interactions make me glad that we were there!

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