Thursday, 15 August 2013

Photo Finish

Martha getting the 6 foot New English Quilter frame ready to roll
Here are some shots from Sunday, the last day of the show. This was our busiest show ever! Every other year we managed to slip away to buy fabric and wander a bit through the exhibition quilts. But this year we were too busy!

Variegated Rainbow threads from Superior Threads
 The one-inch-colour-change variegated threads from the Rainbows range of Superior Threads make such pretty lines!

Rosie on the 6 foot New English Quilter frame
 Rosie was practising some new line designs before the Show opened.

Emily on the Quilt Virtuoso Pro JUKI Long Arm
 It was really nice having the two frames near each other. Everyone had such fun with the new JUKI QVP long arm. But if it was just too big or too expensive they could try the smaller New English Quilter frame with the JUKI TL98P sewing machine. This smaller frame is easy to set up and take down, so it's versatile. Our New English Quilter frames are an American idea that's been adapted to fit into our English homes. Our smaller frames offer the same freedom of movement but on a smaller more affordable scale.

Trying the New English Quilter under Rosie's watchful eye
 This mother and daughter really enjoyed trying both!
Trying the JUKI Long Arm under Emily's watchful eye
So did these young men! They came to the show because one of the guy's mother had a haberdashery shop. His friend who teaches Textiles in a Birmingham High School was not really looking forward to the outing...until he got here. The Festival of Quilts really amazed and inspired him. We had a great conversation about the frame's potential.

I love this picture. It tells a great story. I'll fill you in tomorrow...

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