Tuesday, 20 August 2013

Happy Birthday Terri!

Terri with the New English Quilter frame

Terri's been waiting a long time to get her hands on a New English Quilter! She found us while she was searching for quilting frames on the internet. Terri's a relatively new quilter who loves fresh modern quilts and is currently taking her City and Guilds for Patchwork and Quilting. Terri's also a founding member of the Brighton and Hove Modern Quilt Guild.

Terri and Jackie having a fun day out

Terri's been wanting a frame for a couple of years. Several months ago Terri told me that this was going to be her year - the 'Year of the Frame'. She ordered a copy of our La Mer DVD back in October of last year. She loved it! The DVD gave Terri the opportunity to see the frame in action. She knew that our New English Quilter would enable her to accomplish all that she was dreaming about. Yesterday was Terri's birthday so she arranged to come for a free demo with her best friend Jackie.

Terri choosing threads to go with her fresh modern quilt

We had a lovely afternoon visit with tea and flapjacks.There was plenty of time for Terri and Jackie to ask all the questions they could think of. We took the frame apart and put it back together. We showed how to load the various layers of the quilt sandwich on the frame. Terri and Jackie stitched lots of different patterns and line designs on our practice piece with lots of different threads.Terri was delighted! She decided to order an 8 foot frame, table and a set of speed control handles called Nifty Grips to fit her sewing machine.

Magnifico for the top and Bottom Line for the bobbin thread
We put together a special 'Birthday' Goodie Bag for Terri with 100/16 Titanium coated Topstitch needles, several cones of threads designed for machine quilting from the various Superior Threads ranges, Real Thread Colour Cards to make it easy to order threads that perfectly match Terri's projects and a New English Quilter Handbook Disc. The NEQ Handbook disc is a computer friendly Green version of our original handbook, full of photos and clear directions and tips to get your machine quilting on a frame off to a successful start. The Goodie Bag comes free with the NEQ Frame. We want our customers to get off to a good start with the right information and materials. We like to make the Goodie Bags personal too so Terri choose some cones from various thread ranges in her favourite colours.

When it came time to put down the deposit, Terri whipped out this gorgeous little red bag that she's been using to keep her money that she's been saving up. She paid cash! Terri and Jackie will come to collect her NEQ frame,Table and Nifty Grips when it's ready next month  so they can take advantage of the free workshop that we offer to people who come to collect their frames. We'll have another lovely session and Terri will go home confident and inspired and ready to roll! Happy Birthday Terri!! It's going to be a great year!

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