Tuesday, 21 July 2009

DVD Filming

We've been busy the last few weeks preparing scripts and piecing quilt tops to get ready for the filming sessions of our machine quilting DVD. La Mar, like the song has a seaside theme and will be the first in a series of DVD's that focus on no-mark free-motion techniques for table top frames. The aim is to equip frugal quilters with basic frames to get the most out of their quilting systems.

La Mar is the first DVD in our Line Dancing Series. Living here in England, we're never far from the sea. Taking our cue from nature, we'll be forming patterns based on the long line of sea and sky, the rhythmic movements of water and the orderly patterns of sea shells. In this DVD, all the line designs flow from the sea.

This DVD is for anyone who wants to become more fluent at free-motion quilting. You'll see me using using a very basic set up; a JUKI sewing machine on a simple table top frame called the New English Quilter. I'm using an ergonomically designed set of handles called Nifty Grips. These replace my foot pedal and allow me to adjust the speed from my center with my fingers or thumbs. There are many super sewing machines and machine quilting frames on the market. No matter what system you are using the principles remain the same. The free-motion techniques demonstrated here can be used by any machine quilter on any frame.

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