Thursday, 23 July 2009

UK Fleece

Fleece makes a wonderful soft snuggly backing especially for children's quilts. Machine quilting on fleece creates a fabulous texture. It's economical too, as it does two jobs, backing and wadding, for the price of one. It's important to get the good quality non-pil polar fleece because the cheap stuff ages badly. But sometimes it is hard to find good quality fleece at the right price. Last month, I stumbled on a great UK site: They have a great selection of colours and patterns. I ordered one day, they processed the order the next and I received the fleece in the post the day after that. I call that quick efficient service. The quality of fleece was fantastic too.

So if you've been wanting to use fleece but having trouble finding it here in the UK. give fabric-online a try. I've put a link on the side to make it easy.


Trudi said...

the quilt is simply beautiful Martha! Thanks for sharing the link for fleece, it looks great, I'm going to have to try this again, sooner now :o)

Suzette said...

I'm curious, Martha, if the fleece stretches much on the frame. Do you prewash your quilt fabrics since you're combining them with a polyester backing? Love your quilting - you give us all hope :)

Martha said...

Hi Suzette, thanks for your comment. I must confess that I'm not a pre-washer. I'm careful not to stretch the fleece when I load it on the frame. Bear in mind that I'm not creating award winning quilts here, just cuddly drag- around-the-house kid quilts mostly.This has given me a certain freedom to play around with different combinations of fabrics. I do always use 100% cottons on top. But as long as I don't stretch the fleece when I'm loading the quilt, I haven't noticed any puckering even after the repeated washings that kid quilts need.