Wednesday, 17 March 2010


Today's going to be a quilting day! I needed to decide which fleece to use for the backing. I couldn't make my mind up at the shop so I bought some of each colour. This morning I laid them both against the top. Then I took a phone call. When I turned back around I found a cat on each fleece. These are mother daughter cats. Here in the UK their colouring is called tortoise shell but in the States we call them calico cats. Obviously, Tipsy likes the purply blue and Gypsy likes the pink! Which one would you choose?

Here's Gypsy again - she likes to be on top of all the stages of my quilt projects.


Trudi said...

LOL ... gotta love those cats, don't they just know where it's safe and warm! The rail fence is looking lovely Martha! I'd go for the purpley blue myself :)

Martha said...

You're my inspiration for this one, Trudi!I like the blue best too.