Friday, 12 March 2010

DVD Progress

Thanks to all of you machine quilters on both sides of 'the Pond' who have pre-ordered our La Mer DVD. I'd like you to meet my film crew, Chris and Nick from Crow's Eye Productions. We've been working together on various projects for years. 

Right now we're in the final editing stages of editing the La Mer DVD. Editing a film is somewhat like making a quilt. There's quite a bit of cutting and pasting involved and a layering of images and words and sounds. Yet the considerable attention to detail creates, in the end a seamless product. Here on the screen is an audio clip of my voice. This editing program allows Nick to cut and paste my voice the same way that we would manipulate fabric to piece a top. Collaborating on the DVD has been great fun and we're all excited to see the various strands coming together. We'll keep you posted.


Nedra said...

I have watched the clip of your DVD twice and I love your voice. So soothing. Makes me feel like I could machine quilt, even when I am not a machine quilter! Or maybe even dance, and I'm not a dancer! Bob just got quite a few long arms upstairs at the School. You would love playing on all of them with all those beautiful Superior Threads.

Roma said...

I have tried to contact you via email but was returned .
curious as to the approx shipping date of the DVD. I have placed my pre paid order VIA a friend in Scotland. I tried to pre order to no avail.
any information will be appreciated

Color the World said...

I've watched the clip of the DVD so many times now. Started straight away to practise drawing waves and curves. Looking out everywhere now for new patterns. You have already sparked my creativity. Thank you